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LENTON, S. Et al. 2000    

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National Drug Research Institute - NIDA   National Drug Research Institute - NIDA

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Relatório de Pesquisa   357 Inglês

The material presented in this monograph was produced for the Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee (DCPC) of the Victorian Parliament as part of a project funded by the Victorian Government through the DCPC. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect current or proposed Victorian Government Policy, nor do they necessarily represent the final position of the Victorian Parliamentary Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee. Under the terms of the contract between the DCPC and the National Drug Research Institute (Formerly the National Centre for Research into the Prevention of Drug Abuse) the intellectual property in all information created is retained by the Department of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Victoria.

Palavras Chave Cannabis sativa,Legal Aspects,International Laws,decriminalization,Cannabis Policy
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Referência para Citação LENTON, S. Et. al. The Regulamentation of Cannabis Possession, Use and Supply - A discussion document prepared for The Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee of The Parliamente of Victoria. National Drug Research Institute - NIDA, 2000.