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YOUNG, M. 2005    

Instituição de Origem Estado Instituição Instituição Responsável
Lund University - International Environmental Science   Lund University International Master’s Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science

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Dissertação de Mestrado   50 Inglês

Industrial hemp or Cannabis sativa L. is a quick growing, annual herb with a multitude of uses covering a range of products derived from fiber or oilseed that have been known throughout history. Cultivation in industrialized countries more or less halted in the early 20th century when hemp became intrinsically linked with marijuana, the species other phenotype, which contains larger quantities of the psychoactive compound, THC. Recently, a renewed interest in hemp for industrial purposes has occurred due to environmental concerns, the over production of food crops coupled with a need for new sources of fiber. The aim of this research is to present a comprehensive foundation in order to evaluate the hemp industry and its contribution to sustainable agriculture. This includes determining the variables limiting growth at this stage. Hemp scores high in environmental and social aspects but the economics were not as convincing. If the industry is to receive a substantial share in any particular market, industry limitations caused by educational, technical, and political obstacles need to be addressed. Further investigation into the future potential of hemp markets revealed that only niche markets are viable in the near future. More market opportunities exist for the mid and long term future of the industry, especially for value added products. Recommendations include addressing the social stigma, and research efforts aimed at improving farm gate profitability through breeding and technological improvements. If the recommendations are applied and effectively used to reduce the industry’s obstacles, the economic outlook for the industry will substantially improve, especially if bioregional economics is employed. This study has shown that industrial hemp can play an important role in sustainable agriculture - environmentally, socially and ultimately economically.

Palavras Chave industrial hemp,Cannabis sativa L.,hemp seed,sustainable agriculture,system analysis
Link http://www.lumes.lu.se/database/alumni/04.05/theses/erin_young.pdf
Referência para Citação YOUNG, M. Revival of Industrial Hemp: A systematic analysis of the current global industry to determine limitations and identify future potentials within the concept of sustainability. Suiça: Lund University - International Environmental Science, 2005. Dissertação de Mestrado. p. 1-50.