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Life insurance agents need to always continue to prospect plus look for for new clients while retaining existing business. An factor makes funds only on commissions earned on premiums sold, and therefore must be smart about how he or she locates new prospects to contact. Clever agents can use the local everyday newspaper to locate these prospects, and here is plenty of company to be found with those who know everywhere to look.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Need

Daily newspaper


1 Find notices of new companies that is boast opened. Depending on your personal style plus the type of enterprise it is, you might want to stop in or send a welcoming gift like like a flower arrangement. Business owners are a great prospect for important-worker insurance also purchase-sell agreements that is are funded by life insurance.

3 Read the delivery and wedding announcements. These are growing families who now have a need to review their insurance wants. Some of these prospects will have some insurance, while additionals are new to the concept. Either way, congratulate them plus invite them on for a free consultation.

4 Review the obituaries. Discussing life-insurance options through survivors who are receiving death advantages is an easy sell. Many heirs will use element of their inheritance for expenses within the estate also in that case look to create their own estate plan and satisfy their insurance needs. It takes sensitivity to approach folks still in the grieving course of action, but it's well worth it.

Suggestions & Warnings

Hold any seminar that can support new company owners understand barriers and risks in small businesses also invite your prospects to attend. Whilst approaching those who have lost a loved a, be really cognizant of their want for time also area in grieving. If you want to use the obituaries, you may desire to take certain time to the probate courtrooms and look up who is the executor of the estate. This can help you navigate by means of the heirs and find the individual who is taking care of the enterprise and financial end of things.



Client Conversion

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